If nothing changed, there'd be no butterflies. Walt Disney

So, if there would be never any change in our world, we would probably miss something. Something, "Change" always brings with it. The unexpected. Wouldn't our lives be more boring if there was no change? Do I want to live without butterflies? Of course not, I love change and all the unknown feeling it brings with it. 

With coaching our mind can be trained to become more agile in experiencing the change which we are sometimes struggling.

Sometimes we get along with these struggles pretty well. But sometimes we don't. That is why it might come in handy to have a coach to train yourself. 


I am sure that with coaching we will get through our worlds with kindness, empathy and happiness. All we have to do is to get to know ourselves better. A coach can help you with a mixture of the right questions & discussions, practices and psychological  counseling. 


What you can expect while having a coaching session with Isabel.

First, you crucially have to understand, that with coaching a lot depends on the coachee or client himself. There are two parts in the world of coaching. The coach and the coachee. A coach should be trustful, welcoming you in an positive and warm environment and using different methods tailored to you. 

These methods could be for example active listening to your problems and your point of views. Strong questions helping analyzing the situation you might be stuck in.  

If you booked in with a session you might also want to work on yourself. You want something to change. You are open for change and you are ready to focus on yourself. 

A coach should be your trainer, your mentor, your teacher and your friend. Don't underestimate the possibility your work with a coach can develop your personality. 

The get to know the possible order of events, we will have a first meeting for free, to get to know each other. Hereby you can tell me what bothers you and I would suggest a different possibilities to start with. It is your choice where you have still nothing to loose. The meeting will take place somewhere you will feel comfortable, probably in your favorite cafe or if you are not living in Germany we could met with Google Hangouts. 

Is there any example you can compare coaching to?

Sure. As you all know the American sports like football or baseball. In these particular sports the coach is well known for training the team for success. Sometimes success is not only on the playground happening, We have to decide where success takes place in our lives and how we define it. 

In sports the coach trains the group before, gives them advices and discusses possible outcomes of the game. Every Player on the other hand decides by themselves if he takes the advices for good or acts differently on the playground. Out there the coach is standing on the outline, he is watching and motivating his team the whole time. 

You are ready to start?

With life coaching you find a trainer who will help you pack your tool box with emotional behaviors, behaviors for challenging situations and behaviors in dealing with other persons when you are not quite feeling well. 

In different sessions we will discuss and work with the topics you decide on. It is your coaching and you can set goals in your own period. 


There is no one price fits them all. Depending on what you want to work on or maybe how many different topics we have to work with. 

First we start with a informal meeting in a casual public place. As written above, there won't be any charge for this first meeting. Within that, we can discuss next steps as you would prefer and I can suggest you my thoughts. The chemistry between a coach and a client is crucial for trust. If there will be no trust on a first meeting it will be hard to work together on your personality. 

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